Ubunchu Chapters 06 and 08 Need Volunteers

Ubuntu based manga originally written in Japanese for ASCII magazine company and released as Creative Commons. Many years ago I set up a project to translate the work into english. since that time the group has translated each edition that’s come out. A few people would transcribe, others would translate and I would edit them into English pages and publish online. Read more about Ubunchu here.

Seotch-san (the author) has just released two new editions in Japanese and I’m busy editing pages, and others are busy transcribing and translating in the google group. We could do with some help doing either translation or transcription of the Japanese intot he google spreadsheets. Information is available here if you can help us.

Also needed are two artworks which go on the Stop pages, to explain to English readers how to read Manga right to left instead of the western left to right. In the last edition I personally did the work taking over from the fabulous ~c-quel who did all the previous editions. You can see the past stop/go pages here.

So if you’d like to be involved in drawing some Manga art for Ubuntu, this is your opportunity. The work needs to be related to the chapter it’ll go into, and either be vector svg or high resolution raster png file format. Please comment below to get involved!

P.S. These are the last two chapters of Ubunchu, after this, I don’t think there will be any more.

Ubunchu Chapter 05 – Big Sister Arrives

Hey everyone!

I’m pleased to announce that thanks to the hard work of Arturo Silva and Anton Ekblad we have a speedy translation and editing of the new chapter of Ubunchu. This chapter is all about getting new netbooks for the school and why everyone always uses windows… Because you can’t buy anything without windows preinstalled.

Download it Here

French, Spanish and Indonesian editions are on their way too. We have a new translators mailing list that everyone who wants to be involved, should join: Ubunchu Google Group

Ubunchu Chapter 04: Licensing

Good news, today we’ve released chapter 04 of the ever wonderful Ubunchu manga first published in Ascii magazine in Japan. With translations from Vlad and editing by Arturo, this chapter is cute, cuddly and informative. Check it out!

Go to Chapter 04

This chapter is all about the lovely Risa creating a short comic and the discussions the systems administration club is having about licensing. Wonderfully done by Seotch san as always and I hope you enjoy it too.

Pondering at the Window

This is a commission I got done by a new artist, ~Miayah over on deviantArt, it’s an Ubunchu based image based in the manga style. Akane’s looking out the window thinking about the work that she’s doing on her Ubuntu based computer. (or Debian)

It’s a lovely work and is downloadable in SVG and rendered in inkscape. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike.

Ubunchu Chapter 03 is here!

Great news, we’ve finished work on translating the excellent Chapter 03 of the Ubunchu Manga.

This chapter tells the story of our system admin club members negotiating their way through the Ubuntu Forums, will they find geeks replaying with RTFM posts or will they find a kinder and more helpful community. And why has Akane, our skilled hacker, never posted to a forum before?

You’ll have to download it to find out!

Ubuntu Art Two of Three

This is the second commission I got done while at Pi-Con, I haven’t inked/vectorised it yet, but you can see how wonderful this piece is.

Don’t forget that it’s talk like a pirate day saturday!

Ubunchu Chapter 02 is here!

Download all Chapters of Ubunchu here: http://www.ubuntu.net/.

It’s here! The second chapter of the Ubunchu Manga:

This is the Left to Right English translation, there is the Right to Left (traditional), Korean, Spanish and French versions that are being worked on too.

I would like to thank Seotch for being so accommodating and for making image edits, I’d like to thank the Japanese LoCo member Fumihito Yoshida who translated the majority into Engrish and finally C-Quel aka Arturo for doing a ton of things from translations, image editing, proof reading and well he rocks. Working together it has only taken us a week to edit, translate and publish this manga.

Language Website LtR RtL Translators
Japanese Aerialline N/A Episode 02 N/A
English deviantArt PDF Sources PDF Sources C-Quel,
Fumihito Yoshida and Seotch
French Zedroot None PDF Sources Zedtux, WindPower, JonathanMM
Spanish DeviantArt None PDF Sources Cquel
Galician, Spain Software Libre None PDF Sources osl
Italian YouGeek None None Unknown
Korean Foxtail None PDF Vulpes
Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) Ubuntu-VN None PNG NGUYỄN Mạnh Hùng OnEsChi

There are two more chapters that are known, these are waiting on releases from the publishers, so stay tuned.

Ubunchu! The Ubuntu Manga is now in English

Download all Chapters of Ubunchu here: http://www.ubuntu.net/.

A few weeks ago I mention a few artworks which I had found on my travels of the internet.

One of those things was Ubunchu, a Japanese Manga comic of 3 school students in a system-admin club who are getting into Ubuntu.

Thanks to the author Hiroshi Seo, two ubuntu-jp LoCo members (Fumihito Yoshida and Hajime Mizuno) and myself. We got the rights to translate the comic into English, got the script translated and re-edited each image page, replacing the Japanese with English.

Update: Chapter 02 is here.
Update: Chapter 03 is here.

* Editing Note: I was helped by inkscape and I bound this pdf by using the same book making script I’ve posted to before. I used the original psd files, converted them into xcfs, followed by editing it for Left to Right and patching up the Japanese action word spaces.

Update: Thanks to Craig Huffstetler and C-quel for helping out with lots of editing points. Grammar and Spellings corrected and Rev 08 uploaded.