Karmic Massachusetts Party: Photos

Hey planet, reporting in after a very froody evening with the local Ubuntu fans celebrating the release of the Ubuntu 9.10 release.

Big thanks to everyone and especially James Grey who organised this time round. We didn’t have a cake as we usually do, but we did have plenty of food and plenty of drink. No informational events, but plenty of social meanderings, talking about all sorts of things.

Murder of Crows Bike Ride

This weekend has been very fun, we’ve come up to Vermont to spend some time with the family. Part of the events scheduled for the weekend was a cycle ride round Burlington Vermont, in the dark, wearing crow costumes, croaking and cawing at all the bemused passers by.

Unfortunately there were no photos of the actual ride. *damn*

So instead I’m posting a couple of pictures of me in a witches hat, playing with the twins (both two) helping them draw chalk animals and reading:

Happy Wikken everybody!

Repoman at 4Pi-Con

I’ve just experienced on of the most entertaining and funny events of this summer. While at Pi-Con doing some Ubuntu promotion, I got to see Repoman “The genetic opera” with live actors (and the original film playing in the back) as well as massive audience participation.

Some of the references and jokes caused hysterics, specially the Doctor Who episode “The Lost Child” reference with the gas mask “Are you my mummy”.

If you ever get to see an event like this, do go. It’s as much fun as a party with entertaining plots with all your friends and b sure to go with a crowd of geeks, they really have wit turned up to 11.

Massachusetts: Jaunty Release Party

Last night was our release party, organised by leftyfb (Mike Rushton) and hosted at the Globe Bar and Grill in Boston.

As usual we saw many faces that we don’t see at other events, socialites and canonical employees. And although this event wasn’t as big as our Intrepid or Hardy parties, there was still much good time to be had and lots of discussions and trials of the new version.

There was cake (very important), delightful chocolate dipped strawberries that all looked like little rabbits with horns (thanks Sara), sandwiches and cheese nibbles. There was also plenty of swag, with the Canonical guys brining some lovely stickers, buttons, mouse pads and other things. Mike got some 9.04 disks printed off so we could give them out and we even had that little LED sign welcoming people to the party 🙂

Thanks to all that came, and all those who helped set up and organise various things. Hopefully our next party for Karmic will be organised more in advanced so we can get a good press release out.