10 thoughts on “Ubuntu Manga Chapter 7!

  1. Glad to see it is finally out! Noticed there is a typo on page 7 where “system” is missing from the line “…to use a free operating in this wealthy country”.

    I am a little disappointed that the artist didn’t bring up the netbook interface you can get in Ubuntu (it was present on Ubuntu 9.10), it would have been a nice touch.

  2. If I recall, they skipped over Chapter 6 and plan to do/issue that sometime later.

  3. Actually, I’m not totally clear what happened in this chapter.

    I am clear on the PXE business, although wouldn’t this be hardware dependent rather than having anything to do with Ubuntu in particular? The first sentence in the wikipedia article says pretty much what I thought PXE was:


    Once they’ve got Ubuntu running on the netbook via PXE, how exactly are they running the Windows install?

    The story would have been much clearer for me if the girl had come in with a machine that had no working input ports except the Ethernet port and walked out with Ubuntu installed via PXE.

  4. She walked in with a windows home netbook and left with a windows premium netbook. It was done out of compassion and the only way to do it was to install via a PXE server running on Ubuntu.

    This is FOSS for Human Beings, and humans are compassionate as well as stratiegic.

  5. I think they used Ubuntu for the PXE server.
    I do hope they get round to ch 6 sometime

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