Ubunchu Chapter 02 is here!

Download all Chapters of Ubunchu here: http://www.ubuntu.net/.

It’s here! The second chapter of the Ubunchu Manga:

This is the Left to Right English translation, there is the Right to Left (traditional), Korean, Spanish and French versions that are being worked on too.

I would like to thank Seotch for being so accommodating and for making image edits, I’d like to thank the Japanese LoCo member Fumihito Yoshida who translated the majority into Engrish and finally C-Quel aka Arturo for doing a ton of things from translations, image editing, proof reading and well he rocks. Working together it has only taken us a week to edit, translate and publish this manga.

Language Website LtR RtL Translators
Japanese Aerialline N/A Episode 02 N/A
English deviantArt PDF Sources PDF Sources C-Quel,
Fumihito Yoshida and Seotch
French Zedroot None PDF Sources Zedtux, WindPower, JonathanMM
Spanish DeviantArt None PDF Sources Cquel
Galician, Spain Software Libre None PDF Sources osl
Italian YouGeek None None Unknown
Korean Foxtail None PDF Vulpes
Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) Ubuntu-VN None PNG NGUYỄN Mạnh Hùng OnEsChi

There are two more chapters that are known, these are waiting on releases from the publishers, so stay tuned.