More Issues Than You Can Shake a Kernel at

Today I made a video about my System76 laptop (COMPAL CL90) and it’s disastrous functioning with modern Linux kernels and the urgent need to get this bug fixed by the right expert. To help people understand the issues, I’ve created a video. It’s rather cute, check it out.

View Video Online, MPEG4 Video

  • Hardly working Power On
  • No Suspend
  • No Hibernate
  • Error causing virtual terminal
  • Hibernating battery detection

Do you have any ideas?

Video: Why Free Software Matters

This is my response to some very good comments on my last video entry which I felt should be addressed with another vlog entry.

I’ve attempted to explain why Free Software is politically important, as much as open source is important to creators; we must be supportive of Free Software for user reasons and not just consider our own hacker culture issues.

Video Problems: Go directly to the video on here and download the source mp4 here.

Personal: The reason for begging your indulgence with the video blogs is that I’m inspired to practice my speaking skills in order to further eliminate my stammer. From a young age I was bullied and called names and I have gotten much better since, but seeing The Kings Speech really brought it all back for me.

Genetic Wallpapers Now Available to Test!

In my previous videos I showed off some scripts which modified some svg files and made the desktop background shift and move randomly and with determination towards pre-set patterns.

In this video I show you how to install the new packages for testing and how you can make your own:

View Video on Blip

Your thoughts? have you ested my new packages and do they work for you?

Google Doc Mount

I was bored and made this video and this gtk gui for mounting google docs as a folder on your computer.

Anyway, please watch my video, mute the sound it’s nothing but static.

View Video on Blip

[1] PPA: ppa:doctormo/ppa
[2] Package: gdocs-mount-gtk

Now be warned, if you try this, remember that it’s not a supported piece of software, bugs aren’t likely to be fixed (unless you fix them of course) the code is available and it should work on Lucid. It won’t be ported to any other versions (at least by me) but it should be easy to recompile everything for other versions anyway.

I will answer questions here or by email. Your thoughts?

Ubuntu in one Minute

In Wednesday’s Jono Bacon speaks, a really interesting idea came up. That we should try and describe what Ubuntu is, but only in one minute.

This is my entry into the competition:

[ ?posts_id=3232350&dest=-1]

I hope you like it, it’s quick and dirty and it’s only 40 seconds instead of a full minute. But I think it gets my point across about ownership.

Reporting Bugs and Screen Videos

I just did an odd thing with my bug report. lp:#429926, I attached a video which attempts to explain the problem.

I didn’t do this at first, at first I just described the bug as I have in the past. But JazzyNico’s not reproducible response got me thinking of how I could show this bug as being reproducible. So using gtk-recordMyDesktop and my handy usb headset I made a video recording on my desktop while I showed the problem and how to reproduce it.

I double checked with some launchpad people to make sure I wasn’t uploading anything too big or crazy. They seem happy with it so long as it’s not too big. And recordMyDesktop saves as ogg vorbis/theora videos, so artefacts are kept low. I could have uploaded to or some other video site, but I think they would have converted to mpeg, further degrading the video.

Have other people done this?

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