Google Doc Mount

I was bored and made this video and this gtk gui for mounting google docs as a folder on your computer.

Anyway, please watch my video, mute the sound it’s nothing but static.

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[1] PPA: ppa:doctormo/ppa
[2] Package: gdocs-mount-gtk

Now be warned, if you try this, remember that it’s not a supported piece of software, bugs aren’t likely to be fixed (unless you fix them of course) the code is available and it should work on Lucid. It won’t be ported to any other versions (at least by me) but it should be easy to recompile everything for other versions anyway.

I will answer questions here or by email. Your thoughts?

55 thoughts on “Google Doc Mount

  1. doctormo says:

    Aproposnix: It was never maintained to begin with, it was and still is a proof of concept which may or may not still work. Some people have reported success simply installing the deb file for the first release. It was never a project, just an experiment to prove it could be done.

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  3. Alvaro says:

    i just intall your repo via ppa but gdocs-mount-gtk doesnt is available

    great app btw ! cheers, keep up !!!

  4. doctormo says:

    @Alvaro – the app is only available to the original version of Ubuntu the experiment was conducted on. Others have reported it working on other version of Ubuntu though.

  5. dante says:

    i install the repository but when try to install the package tell me “E: No se ha podido localizar el paquete gdocs-mount-gtk”

    i’m running ubuntu 11.04 natty

    thank you for your response and your app

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