More Issues Than You Can Shake a Kernel at

Today I made a video about my System76 laptop (COMPAL CL90) and it’s disastrous functioning with modern Linux kernels and the urgent need to get this bug fixed by the right expert. To help people understand the issues, I’ve created a video. It’s rather cute, check it out.

View Video Online, MPEG4 Video

  • Hardly working Power On
  • No Suspend
  • No Hibernate
  • Error causing virtual terminal
  • Hibernating battery detection

Do you have any ideas?

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  1. Has this been confirmed to be an Ubuntu kernel specific issue? I read through the bug but it was unclear if this can be reproduced with a vanilla kernel of the same vintage. Doesn’t Ubuntu’s kernel team still offer the vanilla kernel daily PPA?


  2. Hello Martin!

    I’m running now Kubuntu 11.10 with KDE 4.7.2 on two PCs.

    Both my old P4-HT laptop and my newer HP i7-930 quad-core desktop behave exactly in the same manner. There’s hard disk activity for a time, but then nothing and a black screen. Only hard reset (power cycling) is available.

    You may have already tried this… The fix for me since Ubuntu 9.10 is to edit /etc/default/grub and modify the kernel option as follows:

    This is always a requirement for both PCs to be functional.

    – Dave

  3. Wow DoctorMO you have some issues with that LT. Wish I could help. I will post to my twitter feed and perhaps someone will see and offer some assistance.

  4. Hey Dave, The noacpi option doesn’t effect the devices ability to turn on, suspend or hibernate.

  5. Wow sorry to hear that, I am using 11.04 with a cheap Samsung rv515 and have problems with awakening and the tracking pad is viewed as a mouse. If I go for awhile without rebooting there are issues with the wireless dock. All of these are just minor issues, and I am loving Unity.

  6. Heh, I have a system76 compal FL90 and everything works, except ‘Hibernating battery detection’ – in 11.10, it decides to hibernate after a few mins of being unplugged, even at full battery.

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