Anime Boston Well on Our Way

Thanks to everyone who has been helping the Ubuntu MA team and Danny Piccirillo, Myself and Michael Dexter of the Linux fund with the Ubuntu @ Anime Boston event. We’ve got most of the money and most of the resources too, so a big thank you goes out to:

  • Canonical Ltd for a timely conference pack with t-shrits, pens, caps and 300 Karmic CDs.
  • Go Promotional for their printing of flyers.
  • Arturo Silva for his Art, Money and general outstanding kindness.
  • Everyone who has been very kind to our project and donated or helped with materials.

So to keep everyone up to date this is where we are as of today: We have money to get things made, manga, flyers, posters and a new team banner (lost the old one doh!) We have materials, cds, canonical flyers, this how-to-make Anime in ubuntu flyer and some lovely pens.

What we’re working on producing is: Designs for flyers (which I’ll post as they’re done), we want to get in touch with that new anime project that seeks to produce an anime using FOSS tools, maybe even the Blender project to get some information from those projects made available.

We’ll need to start getting a roster together of people who are going to be able to come to the event, there are 2 spots that come with the booth we’ve gotten and we can buy more. People who are going to Anime Boston anyway and wouldn’t mind manning the table for an hour over the weekend can also apply to us by email. We’d also like to know who’ll be coming so we can spot you and have some time to chat with people from out of state who might already be involved in FOSS/Ubuntu.

Clipping Masks in Inkscape

Recently I’ve gotten to grips with using Clipping Masks in inkscape (Object > Clip > Set / Release) this feature allows an artist to create a complex picture which bleeds out over it’s intended boundary but then to have it’s boundary cut short later by a defining shape.

I have to say I’m quit fond of the clipping and masking techniques now. I’m sure I’ll be using it much more in future works. For instance I used it to make this google ad-words type image for our Anime Boston event (see image right).

What do you think of all the advanced features in inkscape?

Anime Boston: First Goal Reached

I want to thank everyone who’s donated to our Anime Boston event. This first milestone means that the Massachusetts LoCo team are guaranteed now to attend the event in force, have our own table and be able to promote Ubuntu and Free and Open Source Software to everyone that comes. Thank you everyone!

The next goal is to keep on raising money to be able to buy print outs of all the information we want to communicate with attendees. So if you’ve not yet, please do consider sending $10 to our marketing campaign, after all it’s not often that we get to do marketing events of this size in the usa and we’d love to have print outs of the Ubunchu Manga to give out.

If you’ve also got good ideas for the kinds of material we should be giving out, let us know. Comments and emails are very welcome. We want to make this awesome event really go down with the very best marketing materials we have.

Donate Here

Ubuntu @ Anime Boston 2010

Hey guys, as you’ve probably read in DPic’s blog post, the Ubuntu Massachusetts LoCo will be getting together with the Linux Fund to run an advocacy project at the up and coming Anime Boston. This event I feel is big enough and will have just the right kind of people, to make a push with Ubuntu demonstrations and CDs really worth it.

We’ll have the Ubunchu Manga to give away and some flyers/guides explaining how people can use Free Software to create artworks or replace their current programs. The idea is to reach out to Anime lovers and show them that they can watch all their anime on Ubuntu just as well as they can on any other kind of machine.

I’ll be there myself to help out with handing out things and I’m really looking forward to being able to participate with other MA LoCo people. But here is where we need the help of the community, these events are pretty pricey and that’s where the Linux Fund comes in to help us cover costs by getting the Ubuntu community to join us in support of the event.

Funding will be done in stages, so we have a minimum goal to reach which sets us up with a booth, then we have other stages that allow us to make the manga, flyers etc. CDs we hope can be brought in from Canonical’s Shipit (these will be Karmic CDs as the event is only a week or so before the new Lucid)

Press Release: On Website
DPic’s Blog: More Details