Ubuntu @ Anime Boston 2010

Hey guys, as you’ve probably read in DPic’s blog post, the Ubuntu Massachusetts LoCo will be getting together with the Linux Fund to run an advocacy project at the up and coming Anime Boston. This event I feel is big enough and will have just the right kind of people, to make a push with Ubuntu demonstrations and CDs really worth it.

We’ll have the Ubunchu Manga to give away and some flyers/guides explaining how people can use Free Software to create artworks or replace their current programs. The idea is to reach out to Anime lovers and show them that they can watch all their anime on Ubuntu just as well as they can on any other kind of machine.

I’ll be there myself to help out with handing out things and I’m really looking forward to being able to participate with other MA LoCo people. But here is where we need the help of the community, these events are pretty pricey and that’s where the Linux Fund comes in to help us cover costs by getting the Ubuntu community to join us in support of the event.

Funding will be done in stages, so we have a minimum goal to reach which sets us up with a booth, then we have other stages that allow us to make the manga, flyers etc. CDs we hope can be brought in from Canonical’s Shipit (these will be Karmic CDs as the event is only a week or so before the new Lucid)

Press Release: On Website
DPic’s Blog: More Details