Ubutu Onesie

Here is a wonderful picture of my with my new daughter Violet wearing the Ubuntu Onesie her Auntie Sarah shipped from the UK.

I didn’t intend to be wearing the Debian tshirt, makes it weirdly symbolic. 😀

I also just noticed the bowler in the background.

6 thoughts on “Ubutu Onesie

  1. Hey, I read your posts through Planet Ubuntu, but whenever I try to open your website, I can’t because there is one IP address beyond which traceroute just times out when trying to reach your server. Ping doesn’t work either. Most of the proxy sites aren’t able to open your site. I checked from my various shell accounts in various countries, but the timeout happens at the same IP address Can you check if something is wrong with your ISP/webhost?

  2. It was recently offline for a while. To be honest I’m getting tired of my host.

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