Open Source Car: Riversimple?

A hydrogen based concept car designed by teams in Oxford and Cranfield universities in the UK that I totally missed the news on last week.

There are some very nice technical features to this car such as 300mpg fuel use, energy recovery on each wheel, it’s light and can go up to 50mph (not that fast considering the top speed is 70mph on the roads) but what is very interesting to me is that the overall design will be open source, or some form of open source I guess. While the designs for the motor and fuel cell components won’t be, the idea that the design can be modified and taken up by anyone anywhere in the world is something worth watching.

I’d be interested in finding out what the licenses are, what kind of format the specifications are in and so on before I rush to judgement. But it’s interesting how the ideas we’re developing in the software world are being experimented on in other fields of endeavour.