Whoa! Where’s it going?

After good healthy interest in yesterday’s video I decided to post the code in a repository (GPLv3 and CC-BY-SA) and as a second act to deliver Mark Shuttleworth’s feature request which I show off in the new video:

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This is particularly cool since it means desktops will converge and look the same at certain dates as well as diverge and look different at all other times. What are your thoughts?

Random Genetic Wallpaper

I’m breaking my two week blog holiday early to bring you a super cool genetic wallpaper video:

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As I show in the video, once you have a nice svg (manually edited of course) you can use the script to nudge elements in it. Comment here if you think this is cool.

New Ubunchu Wallpaper

New Ubunchu Creative Commons Licensed Art Work!

Big thanks to C-quel for commissioning great works and pushing creative commons, hayashinomura for doing great art work and of course Seotch for the original ideas and designs.

Five Years of Ubuntu

I’ve been using Ubuntu since Hoary Headghog, after I left Knoppix and Gentoo for better, easier shores. And I’ve been contributing in some way since Dapper Drake. Three cheers for the OS for the masses/those who just can’t be bothered to run Debian. *hip* *hip* *hooray*

Image licensed Creative Commons, Attribution, Share Alike and as such: Please do check out ~icantthinkofaname-09‘s original wallpaper image here: [link]