Stagered Rewards for Accomplishments

I do like the Accomplishments project, I think it could do great things when it gets to it’s 1.0 release.

Thinking about the design of the acc app, I was pondering why the trophies page always looks so cluttered and disorganised. One of the conclusions I’ve come to is that by rewarding every single action with a trophy, the trophy cabinet gets full very quickly and the very idea of a trophy looses it’s sparkle.

The design I would aim for to clean this up is a basic categorisation and substitution. when you’ve just accomplished your 100th ask ubuntu posting, you don’t really value a trophy for your first. Looking at Ask Ubuntu (and other reward based sites) I came to the conclusion that rewards should be staggered and that your score in any one category should be aggregated into a finale trophy.

With this representation of your accomplishments, it’s easy to see that you’re an awesome Ubuntu User, but you have lots of things you could do to get the full 3 star trophy for support. Each category of accomplishments can neatly fit in without creating more graphics for certain branding. That would only be required for the tasks/todo items page where you might want items to be dissociated with the idea that each task gets you a trophy.

What are your ideas?