Ubuntu’s Feature Friction

One common thread among dissatisfied Ubuntu community members1 recently is that they’re concerned with the speed and haste with which new untested features are being dropped into the main Ubuntu release. To find out how people feel about feature introduction:

How do you feel about feature introduction?

  • I like them, but they're a bit under develoepd. (42%, 196 Votes)
  • I'm happy with the new features. (27%, 127 Votes)
  • There are far too many bugs for a mainstream release. (18%, 84 Votes)
  • Introduced without Community Consensus (10%, 48 Votes)
  • Introduced without Warning (2%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 466

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Do You Test Ubuntu throught development?

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What is your Primary Concern?

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Please respond only if you use Ubuntu or have used Ubuntu within the past two years for an extended period.

1 Internally to the Ubuntu community, not from other communities, see Aseigo’s excellent post on community identity.

Big Thanks to Testers

Thanks to everyone that tested Ground Control yesterday and today. Your bug reports and ideas have been a boost to refining for a new version. We also got some wonderful merge requests from people who fixes things as a simple as spelling to as interestng as making project directories have bzr control configurations. Wonderfully it’s all been top notch and everything’s been merged.

So what do we have for the next version:

  • A way to restart nautilus or request restart when you install.
  • A way to make the projects directory if it doesn’t exist, or select a different directory.
  • Dealing with pulling the parent directory back in (updating), but will only be available _before_ a merge request.
  • Allow the merge request information to change the status so successfully merged branches should do a different thing.
  • We do need someone who can add in translation support, it’s still beyond my ability to get that working, volunteers neded
  • Bazaar gtk has a wonderful diff view I may take advantage of, save a lot of coding inside the project.
  • Already I’ve improved some of the displays etc to add in an icon for the project and remove the description as it’s unwieldy

The next version will hopefully be 1.1.0, I’ll post here on my blog when it’s released and get you to test it again!

Post below or into the Launchpad Bugs your ideas and problems.