9 thoughts on “Design: Window switching in Unity

  1. How do you get to four clicks? I can’t manage to produce more than two. One problem with using tabs, is that it’s very limited. As long as you use documents called A, B and C, it’s fine. But if you have longer titles, then you can only have a very few windows open before it becomes difficult to know what is what. Using the whole screen for window switching removes that issue and makes it easier to identify windows.

    There’s plenty of room for improvement in Unity’s switcher, but I think the concept is very good.

  2. The menu bar needs to be shown in the top panel all the time. I’ve got kdebase-desktop installed now (which takes 0ad from less than 1 to what seems to be 20 fps due to unredirected fullscreen windows), but it’s a bit buggy on my machine; I’m building my next desktop computer to triple boot OS X in the event that this isn’t fixed, so I can still get stuff done in gimp and et al.

  3. Try having an additional screen too. It is over a metre of screen space from my top left to bottom right which makes the whole detached menu thing pointless. I also have my windows ordered – eg if I had two Inkscapes open one would be on the left screen and one on the right. Thankfully taskbars solve this sort of thing, and let you drag and drop to reorder. The sad thing about all the new fangled desktops is how they are virtually useless for managing the desktops of people who multi-task, are power users, have lots of context etc.

  4. Jo: click inkscape, click window you want, then double click the window you want when the click failed. That’s 4 clicks 😉

  5. Unity has a lot of probably that are time wasters for me. I’d really like to see minimize when clicking an apparently on the unity launcher. That would probably shut me up for a while. I know someone fixed this with a PPA but it stopped working. I’m sticking with the LTS for now. Need to get work done, not fiddle arould with problems that pop up with new releases. Fix what works first.

  6. Very Yes! I find this is the worst for Tomboy for me. I keep a lot of notes open because it’s a bit slow from memory and the applet only lists so many and not always what I want.

    Under Gnome 2.0 I had my windows grouped on the bottom panel so it was click-1 to open the window list and click-2 to select the note I want. Super fast.

    On unity its double click to open the expose thing and then instead of window titles i can super easily scan its a bunch of identical looking scrunched up white windows I have to spend a shit ton of time squinting at to find the right note then click on that (so I count 3 usually plus a waaaaay longer visual search)

    So yes, I find this interface significantly slower.

    I hate how the “future” is slower and regressive.

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