Page Surfing: Improving Firefox in Ubuntu

I’m getting frustrated trying to scroll on pages and I’d like to introduce an idea:

Since we have a full screen app that really is taking up the entire screen, there seems to be a good opportunity to use the screen when an app is maximised to scroll the largest scrollbar in the app. I have no idea how hard it would be to tie the scroll bar into something which could be controlled via the operating system, technical details.

The idea here is to put the top and bottom infinities to use, allowing them to be used to allow easier viewing of the internet. This could obviously be made generic so it could be used to control all kinds of apps (optionally?).

Maybe this kind of thing could be made an extension, something to try out and do some experiments. Maybe others will see it as an essential part of their ubuntu experience.

Your thoughts, as always, welcome below…

5 thoughts on “Page Surfing: Improving Firefox in Ubuntu

  1. Two obvious thoughts: the first is, how do you click in the address bar if putting the mouse over it scrolls the document? The second is: I suspect most people aren’t bothered by this because they scroll with a mousewheel or two-finger/edge drag on a touchpad.

  2. @Sil: Perhaps I’m using a wacom tablet with fixed positions. But point taken about the scroll wheel.

    The address bar wouldn’t be on the edge of the screen, it isn’t now.

    Not that this wouldn’t still be useful though.

  3. Isn’t that something similar is the middle click auto scroll function?
    This then scrolls in the direction you place your mouse and keeps scrolling at a speed depending on the distance you are from the point where you middle clicked.
    Should work if you have mapped a wacom button to middle click for you as well.

  4. I can think of several use cases why I wouldn’t want this:

    – I use cairo-dock/glx-dock
    – I don’t want “mouse move” to change anything on screen. I don’t want to accidentally bump my mouse and loose focus on what is/was onscreen

  5. I kinda like this idea, but maybe to address the comments above would it not be better to make the most of the top/bottom-right corners for scrolling?

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