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  1. Congrats! We had our twins last July. Your life will change for the best. I wish you guys the best and note that the diet of the mother is the most important aspect of the pregnancy to focus on.

    We cared our twins to 41 weeks and each twin were 7bls. The main reason for our success for caring the twins to full term and the twins being healthy was the fact that we changed our diets (no sugar, no caffeine, lots of veggies, no 4 legged meat like cows or pigs, lots of 2 legged meat like chicken and turkey, lots of eggs, 1 sweat potato per day, high quality vitamins prescribed by our naturalpathic doctor, fluoride free high quality filtered water, no milk, no cheese, yogurt every day, no shrimp or other shell fish, very little fish in general, and probably more stuff that I can’t remember at this point).

    If you are interested in reading about our pregnancy and our on going adventures with our twins, see http://dragonrides.wordpress.com/

  2. @Conzar – It’s funny, but your description is pretty close to what my wife’s diet has been even before this. In fact it’s almost exact except for the eating of white meat, which she doesn’t do (except fish, which isn’t really meat, but a funny kind of vegetable) 😉

    Thanks everyone for your good wishes.

  3. I’m going for your mrs is preggers, if so congratulation, I hope your both over the moon and all is well 🙂

  4. Congratulations from a guy you’ve never heard of, who lives in Australia and reads your blog. 🙂

  5. congrats to mr and mrs docmo on your impending spawning of child processes!

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