Narwhals, Art and April 2011

For some reason I just love calling this release Narwhal instead of ‘natty’, something about the pleasing sound of the word narwhal just makes you want to feed it yummy fish.

This month we have some great additions to the Ubuntu Artists gallery, all done using a Free Desktop (usually Ubuntu) and Free Software tools like Inkscape, Gimp and MyPaint:

4 thoughts on “Narwhals, Art and April 2011

  1. Ahhh – the quality and awesomeness of community work created with free tools never ceases to amaze me. Bravo!

  2. The first one looks more like it has been done with that awesome rip-off technique: 😛

  3. @MatumbasRant – Remixing? Although the original isn’t licensed freely.

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