5 thoughts on “Fighting Talk

  1. Yeah, is it just me or when things like this happens I tend to gravitate to people, organizations, distros, etc that get along better and get things done without all the egos. Even just reading all this stuff is very tiring… I think I’ll head over to #elementary for some “fresh air” (with neat mockups included). 😀

    But seriously reading all of this really makes me want to start looking elsewhere like xfce. Most of the things regarding Unity I don’t really like, so come Elementary OS release I’m pretty sure I’ll switch over.

    Sometimes you can really just *feel* when someone/organization “just gets it.”

  2. “How nice. I wonder why they developed that . And now that they did it why don’t they make it better so that it will be able to really compete. I think that is the real fear here … that Ubuntu 1 ain’t as good as the amazon store. I just hope that this will teach them to stop reinventing wheals.
    I actually want canonical to get hurt for bad investments.”

    Still waiting for moderation on this article : http://ubuntu-news.org/2011/02/24/banshee-in-natty-to-ship-multiple-stores-and-contribute-to-gnome-foundation/comment-page-1/#comment-852

    So nice.

  3. Very funny 🙂

    It’s definitely the perfect example of good collaboration and understanding of communities. Reduce it to fight of egos and make fun of them!

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