Secular Commandments

I got indignant at the popes suggestion that atheists (he really means secularists) are a threat to moral society. Oh sure, he just compared secularism with the German Christian Socialist movement of the 1930s. It’s not like he was trying to suggest that these Nazi people were atheists and therefore immoral… no wait that’s exactly what he was trying to suggest and attempting to rewrite history in order to do it.

Typical mythology that gods bring morals and to lack faith is to lack morals. “Plato voiced it best in Euthyphro – is that which is pious what is beloved by the gods, or is it beloved by the gods because it is pious?”

Here is some secular commandments.

2 thoughts on “Secular Commandments

  1. hmmm i just remembered that at some point in history there was a thing named Inquisition , and i believe they were “god’s men”. Guess those were really moral days.
    Believing in god is OK but involving god in earthly life is a crime. When you gain power and wealth from god you have no morals . Telling me that if i don’t pay a priest to sing me a sad song at my funeral i will burn in hell, is a crime and he should be punished just as for fraud. Don`t worry doctor .. god and it`s servants are slowly but surly ding they just need to be left alone , and we need to provide the alternative which is “wealth”.
    this just makes me want to talk more about god with friends …. since i already made quite a few doubt him
    Here is a really moral priest
    and we all know about the catholic priests.
    Now i believe any religion is bad even Atheism.

  2. Valentin: Friends, good times, security, rationality and curiosity. What more to life is required?

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