13 thoughts on “Desktop Cloud Strategies for…

  1. Hehe, nice. I get the Linux and Windows (ha!) illustrations, but what is the idea behind the Mac one?

  2. awesome 🙂

    in my imagination the mac guy should have an apple instead of brain, but no doubt you showed the point well 🙂

  3. Cute comic, but err, aren’t there cloud computing platforms that are available across all 3 OSes (such as Dropbox) or is there more to the comic than I am getting?

  4. Dude, this is interesting. Oh, and by the way I think I might know you. Yup, if you were ever in Mr. Hildabrand’s class than I know you.

  5. Hehe, now that’s funny.

    Could you do a translation of the how to ask guide into Russian? This time with PO files?

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