Natty Wizardpen Released – 0.8.1

I’m pleased to announce the release of the wizardpen driver for natty in my PPA. This release is curtsey of Mnemoc who patched the driver for the new xorg shipped in Natty. If you need it, please see my wizardpen PPA.

May I take this opportunity to thank all of the coders who have jumped in to help the wizardpen codebase, which was once abandoned by it’s owners and then put on life support in launchpad by me for Jaunty. Thanks to Gerard Krol for getting the codebase working with Lucid and upgrading and cleaning the code back last year; then again a big thank you to Alberto Alonso for fixing the code to work with Maverick last November.

I don’t know where the driver would be without these programmers and it just goes to show what the community can do even when we are not organised around a firm project. Thanks.

Of course we’d like to be able to take this driver out of life support and put it into Debian and I know UbuntuStudio would like that too. I have no idea what needs to happen for that. If you know, would like to sponsor it, comment below.

Note: The new apetek/waltop driver should work for the majority of cases and will good reports this will be the last wizardpen release needed.