GPF – He who must not be named… Bill Gates?

The comic General Protection Fault has been doing a special story based around the Harry Potter book series but converting the story from magic to computer geekery called Harry Barker. GPF is now doing the second book and in today’s comic we find that he who must not be named is “Bill”.

I’m guessing that the inspiration is “Bill Gates”, considering the time period and the glasses.

Do you think so?

Britonaut Sez, Done in Ubuntu!

Hey weekenders, fancy cheering up after the week long roller coaster ride that was Coronation Street? Did you watch Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders impassioned fillerbuster against tax breaks for the super rich and can’t seem to get your blood pressure to go down? Have you got a whole spare case of frustration at the treatment of Wikileaks creator Julian Assange?

Then let me cheer you up with a bit of comedy for the holiday season:

And before you start,this was made completely with Ubuntu using Inkscape, totally vector based and is excellent practice for making Ubuntu training and advertising materials.