Why you Should(‘nt) use Windows 7

According to Dell while I was digging on their websites about their Ubuntu support I noticed this really interesting PDF file. The text of the document is attempting to convince you to get a computer from Dell with Windows 7 instead of other versions of windows.

Note: It has long been understood that Microsoft’s biggest competitor is against Windows is Old Windows.

But the independent research they’ve put together to try and convince readers isn’t exactly very convincing, it shows most tests as favouring Windows XP over both Vista and 7 which is probably what most windows users would expect. I have to wonder if the document is a bit tongue in cheek from Dell.

Of course there is not any comparison with Ubuntu as that would mean Dell weren’t selling ubuntu machines to just geeks, so more the pity.

Your observations?

5 thoughts on “Why you Should(‘nt) use Windows 7

  1. If they put Ubuntu v Windows results it would favor Ubuntu, MS wouldn’t let Dell post something like that, ever!

  2. I am sure Dell is feeling pressure from MSFT to push the latest OS. To keep diplomatic relations going, they have to resell the Kool-Aid. Though my opinion of Dell has slipped a bit due to their approach to alternative OS’s, I think they still have a senses enough to realize the facts. That probably explains why it sounds like you discovered this through a little site archeology rather than saw it prominently displayed.

  3. Dell shhould definitely have an unbiased document or page comparing _all_ the OSes it sells, with links to pages of systems for that OS. If you go to the Dell UK site, right now there’s a page trying to convince you not to buy Ubuntu, and the “Shop for Ubuntu laptops” link takes you to Win7 lappies. Ugh! They’re so confused.

    You’d think they’d try to find out what the customers needs are and provide for those needs. Maybe they should implement a little survey about needs and forward on to a page from that.

  4. I think it’s more entertaining that the only area Vista excelled at was shut down… which makes sense because it does not provide many services to shut down.

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