Ubunchu Chapter 02 is here!

Download all Chapters of Ubunchu here: http://www.ubuntu.net/.

It’s here! The second chapter of the Ubunchu Manga:


This is the Left to Right English translation, there is the Right to Left (traditional), Korean, Spanish and French versions that are being worked on too.

I would like to thank Seotch for being so accommodating and for making image edits, I’d like to thank the Japanese LoCo member Fumihito Yoshida who translated the majority into Engrish and finally C-Quel aka Arturo for doing a ton of things from translations, image editing, proof reading and well he rocks. Working together it has only taken us a week to edit, translate and publish this manga.

Language Website LtR RtL Translators
Japanese Aerialline N/A Episode 02 N/A
English deviantArt PDF Sources PDF Sources C-Quel,
Fumihito Yoshida and Seotch
French Zedroot None PDF Sources Zedtux, WindPower, JonathanMM
Spanish DeviantArt None PDF Sources Cquel
Galician, Spain Software Libre None PDF Sources osl
Italian YouGeek None None Unknown
Korean Foxtail None PDF Vulpes
Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) Ubuntu-VN None PNG NGUYỄN Mạnh Hùng OnEsChi

There are two more chapters that are known, these are waiting on releases from the publishers, so stay tuned.

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  1. Vadim says:

    … interesting way to present education in. It was correct, though. Just… aaaa.

  2. Johan says:

    Your web server serves the pdf file as text/html.

  3. ButterflyOfFire says:

    Thanks 😉 a second one 🙂

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  6. darkhole says:

    Really great!!!

    Great introduction to Cli.

    Damn Gnomes.. no always works

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  9. said026 says:

    Thanks a lot my friend

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  11. Inubu says:

    Also many Thanks

  12. This is nice – thanks friend for sharing 🙂
    I will try and blog about it to drum up a little buzz.

  13. ICERAIN says:

    How cute ^^

  14. C-quel says:

    Wai! You link fast. 😀

    Just to reiterate, Ubunchu Episode 02 English RtL Edition is ready! 😉


    And don’t forget the Korean and French translations,… we saw those too come out quite nicely [and quickly] in the translation document. ^___^

  15. Marco says:


    i would like to translate it to german, but i don’t know how to because of the pdf – if you help me a bit with these i try the translation 🙂


  16. doctormo says:

    That’s easy, download the source and edit the svg files. Use this google doc as a translation tool: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=rp0ZWqR4oF45eCucUEtenPg

  17. said026 says:

    Where is the french Version pelase ^^

  18. doctormo says:

    Right there.

  19. bzhboy says:

    Sure there is nothing more powerfull than command line :
    sudo rm -x /nowhere/
    (just in case : if you don’t know what this command is doing, don’t try it … it’s quite destructive)

  20. Hùng. NGUYỄN Mạnh says:

    Vietnamese version is available now! 😀

    Language: Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

    Website: Ubuntu-VN (http://forum.ubuntu-vn.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=3412)

    RtL: PNGs – http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=df7c0b3917bd3b5b7069484bded33bcdc519087892e4de55

    Translators: NGUYỄN Mạnh Hùng (http://vi.mozdev.org) from OnEsChi (http://oneschi.blogspot.com/2009/04/oneschiubunchu2009.html)

  21. doctormo says:


  22. popja says:

    waiting for thai version ^_^v

  23. HY says:

    great work, I love it

  24. meneame.net says:

    Ubunchu capítulo 2…

    Ya está disponible el capítulo 2 de Ubunchu en múltiples idiomas, entre ellos el castellano. Espero que guste tanto como el primero….

  25. MChabez says:

    The Hungarian RtL version of Ubunchu! ep2 is here too.
    Info (in Hungarian)

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  27. osl says:


    Ubunchu Chapter 02 has a new translation!!!

    Language: Galician, Spain

    Website: http://softwarelibre.udc.es/Ubunchu

    Direct link(pdf): http://softwarelibre.udc.es/Ubunchu?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=ubunchu-gl-cap-02.pdf

    Direct link(svg): http://softwarelibre.udc.es/Ubunchu?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=ubunchu-gl-cap-02.tar.gz

    Sorry to repeat this message, but i didn’t see this language in the table that is at the top of the page. Thanks!!!

  28. Martin Owens says:

    Fixed, sorry for the delay.

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  30. DaVince says:

    Page 4 is wrong. OSX has a terminal too. That’s because it’s based on BSD. (Sure, the GUI is necessary to start the system, but that doesn’t mean there’s no (powerful) CLI environment.)

  31. DaVince says:

    By the way, why is the text in the PDFs actually images and not proper text elements? Making them into actual PDF text would make the text selectable, as well as scaling the font nicely on resolutions other than the document’s.

  32. Martin Owens says:

    So you did end up reading both of them?

    Well the thing about the pdfs is a matter of how they’re generated, when inkscape/cairo can do embedded fonts and text elements for postscript and pdf, then we’ll take advantage of it.

  33. jic says:

    it is not in portuguese pt_BR yet?

    may I do it? 🙂

  34. Martin Owens says:

    You can, download the svg files and edit the text inline, it’ll make it easy.

  35. jic says:

    downloaded already 😉

    i’ll start tonight

  36. Asmageddon says:

    It’s good, but… it scares me.

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