Blackberry Irony

Posted in Programming and Technical, Ubuntu on September 21st, 2010 by doctormo

I got all my packages compiled in the PPA (at last) see yesterday’s post. But now I’ve gone and lost my phone, I’m getting a new one and it’ll of course _not_ be a blackberry.

But for everyone else, you should be able to enjoy the barry project and opensync latest builds in ubuntu maverick, lucid and karmic.

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Blackberry with OpenSync 0.40

Posted in Free and Open Source Software, Programming and Technical, Ubuntu on September 20th, 2010 by doctormo

I’ve created a new barry snapshot PPA which should be updated every 2 weeks with the latest barry git revisions and the latest opensync svn. This is to encourage testing and perhaps there is some functionality which you need in the latest versions.

I will warn you that opensync 0.4x isn’t done, isn’t safe and isn’t ready for being trusted with your data. It can duplicate entries, delete them entirely or mangle text on a whim. But it will support calendar, contact and note syncing.

Update: My PPA has been shut down because of an inability for me to test the packages. Please see the barry website for more details on how to get barry working with your Ubuntu installation.

Now that should pull in barry, opensync and your opensync 0.39 plugin. Please report back here if it works. I’ve had the devil of a time packaging all these things, almost a week worth of messing about with the packaging to get everything buildable.

If you get an error such as “E: Broken packages” then hold onto your hat, the packages are still building and taking their damn sweet time to finish. — All Fixed and built, sorry for the wait

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