BBC Radio Interview

I gave a wonderful interview for the BBC Radio Live’s Pods and Blogs show, I talked about Ubuntu, Ubunchu the manga and the up and coming Anime Boston event.

I thought it went well and I got to describe a couple of things in a nice way, invite people to join in the community and not be scared of us geeks.

Visit BBC Website
Download MP3 Here

Let me know what you think.

Ubunchu News, Radio and Chapter 03

Today I have some excellent news, Chapter 03 was released in Japanese by Seotch and we have now begun the task of translating, transcribing and editing that will produce our English versions.

Stay tuned to learn how our protagonists will fair when they search the Ubuntu forums and IRC channels for help!

I also quickly put together a new ubunchu website to show all the chapters, wallpapers and other various goings on.

In related news, today I did a nice interview with the BBC Radio Five program “Pods and Blogs“, they’ll let me know when it’ll be aired and I’ll of course let all you guys know so you can listen to me explaining what Ubuntu is and what Ubunchu is and why there is a manga of a software project, we also talked about the Boston Anime event that we still need your help funding.