UOW: Making Posters to Spread Ubuntu

Hey guys, I like experimenting with the IRC classroom format; especially as my classes as normally graphical and hard to explain unless you can see what’s going on.

For today’s session I created a full screen video showing you where to get source material, putting together the poster, some notes on copyright and then uploading to the spread Ubuntu website.

Check it out: Making Posters to Spread Ubuntu Video

Comment below if you’ve made something cool you’d like to show.

Free Culture Posters, Get Them Here

To celebrate the release of revision 16 of my Free Culture Tabloid sided poster, I’ve put together each section into it’s own US letter poster so that a multi-poster display can be created using all of the pieces.

Do you like the edits that have gone into each revision? Is the wording easy to understand and direct enough for public consumption? Please give me your thoughts in the comments below.

Anime Boston Posters

I’ve made some relatively quick (I spent all day on them) posters, most are using existing drawings, some stuff is new drawings.

There are five posters to be hung on the walls of the booth we have at Anime Boston and one sign inviting people to take a CD. Although I’m not sure if we’ll need the sign since there at 17,000 attendees and only 400 CDs. We will see how these CDs go and if they all disappear pretty quickly, then next time we’ll have to get our own printed instead of going to Canonical’s ship-it service. But we do have 3,000 manga and the 1,000 flyers we have available and 100 special aluminium case badges.

I think it’s going to be a really great event.

I can still change these tag lines, so your thoughts and ideas are welcome in comments below.