Memes: Missing the point


Radical practicalism is not useful, considering code without considering the fact that human beings wrote it is selectively blind and trusting everybody implicitly because you want to take advantage of their work isn’t always correct.

I’m happy to see the release and publication of the legally binding patent promise from Microsoft and I’m willing to support the inclusion of mono-selective (without that other stuff not covered) when the Software Freedom Law Center says that the Microsoft Patent promise is good enough. I’d also like to see a selection of mono developers on the standards board, so as a community they have some control over the direction of the standard that they work so hard to support.

It’s about trust, control and community. All things lacking with the whole mono war (because it long ago stopped being a debate when both sides were radicalised by reactionary and loud people). And these ridiculous memes do nothing but to push people further into wasting time without any productive discussion. Perhaps it’s because both sides think they’ve won the argument when in fact they’ve probably won against crazy people or echo chamber chat rooms.

Second law in productive discussion, avoid selective argument and side lining decent discussion in favour of a shouting match with the ignorant or agreeable.

P.S. As for Stallman, his sexism wasn’t right. The whole mono thing is just opinion and needs no response, the fact that people responded to anti-mono and not sexism is very sad.