Cartoon: Goodbye Groklaw, Thanks PJ!

PJ of Groklaw is shuttering groklaw, so there’ll be no more new content on the website. Groklaw has been a fantastic reference, both in following the SCO saga and with learning more about copyright and other legal issues. The newspicks were some of the best selected of any linux related website I know and they will be missed.

For you PJ, a cartoon that took me all day to draw:

Shows Pamela Jones of Groklaw as Velma from Scooby Doo, with a Penguin by her side and Darl tied up saying: I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling nerds!

Thanks for all the fish. Can’t wait to see what your next case is!

Conceptual Icons

This is the current evolution of the FOSS icons I’ve been using for posters and flyers, as you can see I’ve been focusing on a number of concepts to iconify the powerful rights given to users with Free and Open Source software. The ones with the blue glow are by current choices.

Any thoughts on these icons yourself?

DVD Playback, how to advise

At the SETC where we do installs of Ubuntu onto old machines to refurbish and on newer machines on request, we have a whole set of stuff the server does to get Ubuntu behaving correctly. Including installing java, restricted extras and libdvdcss. Normally we’ve been doing this via medibuntu.

The problem comes when we give someone a CD and let them install it themselves at home. Usually we can show them how to install java and the restricted extras via the software center. But libdvdcss? It’s like explaining fractals.

You got your script method and then you’ve got your medibuntu method, both are sub standard. Both require use of the command line, both are difficult to explain especially considering how unreasonable it is for the law to make it illegal to play your legally bought DVDs on your legal bought computer with your legally made software. The laws an ass in this regard.

So how do you explain to patrons how to install encrypted dvd video support in Ubuntu?