Kinnect your Face

I’ve been fascinated with technologies that allow us to interact with the computer better, everything from facial identification (who is near the computer) to expression recognition for changing the operation of the computer to reflect the user’s mood.

I discovered this organisation who are playing with Microsoft Kinect and OpenCV. OpenCV is the free and open source graphics processing library and already does some pretty amazing things (you just need a super computer to run it quickly enough for some tasks).

Using the Microsoft Kinnect device might be a smart move as getting the hight maps directly from the hardware allows the computer to cut down on the amount of calculations to figure out where faces are, how they move, and even recognition features.

What I really want of course is a GDM login screen which detects your face and asks for your password automatically (it’s used as a replacement for your username, not your password i.e. identification not authentication). This would be the pinnacle in community center login control.

What do you think?

Montreal: Libre Graphics Meeting

Hey there, I’m in Montreal this week for the Libre Graphics meetings. I’ve been here since Saturday and it’s been quite a blast already and the main event isn’t even here yet.

We had an excellent chat about how much the author of software can be said to be responsible or involved in the art expression and how software as tools are different or the same as physical art tools and art education.

There was a nod towards proprietary software being profoundly bad for education as well as a lot of mooting that control over your own art tools was very important from an artistic point of view.

I’d have gotten better notes, but I was completely zonked from work on Friday and 4 hours sleep. Then I had wine and was drunk and deathly sleepy. But I seem to remember there might have been Mexican food and a chat between Janine Melnitz and google maps to find the hidden hotel of the elves.

2 days later I’m almost completely recovered! Let me know below if you’re interested in LibreGraphics and if you’d like me to report on any issues that might be talked about.

UOW: Making Posters to Spread Ubuntu

Hey guys, I like experimenting with the IRC classroom format; especially as my classes as normally graphical and hard to explain unless you can see what’s going on.

For today’s session I created a full screen video showing you where to get source material, putting together the poster, some notes on copyright and then uploading to the spread Ubuntu website.

Check it out: Making Posters to Spread Ubuntu Video

Comment below if you’ve made something cool you’d like to show.

Natty Wizardpen Released – 0.8.1

I’m pleased to announce the release of the wizardpen driver for natty in my PPA. This release is curtsey of Mnemoc who patched the driver for the new xorg shipped in Natty. If you need it, please see my wizardpen PPA.

May I take this opportunity to thank all of the coders who have jumped in to help the wizardpen codebase, which was once abandoned by it’s owners and then put on life support in launchpad by me for Jaunty. Thanks to Gerard Krol for getting the codebase working with Lucid and upgrading and cleaning the code back last year; then again a big thank you to Alberto Alonso for fixing the code to work with Maverick last November.

I don’t know where the driver would be without these programmers and it just goes to show what the community can do even when we are not organised around a firm project. Thanks.

Of course we’d like to be able to take this driver out of life support and put it into Debian and I know UbuntuStudio would like that too. I have no idea what needs to happen for that. If you know, would like to sponsor it, comment below.

Note: The new apetek/waltop driver should work for the majority of cases and will good reports this will be the last wizardpen release needed.

Five Years of Ubuntu

I’ve been using Ubuntu since Hoary Headghog, after I left Knoppix and Gentoo for better, easier shores. And I’ve been contributing in some way since Dapper Drake. Three cheers for the OS for the masses/those who just can’t be bothered to run Debian. *hip* *hip* *hooray*


Image licensed Creative Commons, Attribution, Share Alike and as such: Please do check out ~icantthinkofaname-09‘s original wallpaper image here: [link]