Narwhals, Art and April 2011

For some reason I just love calling this release Narwhal instead of ‘natty’, something about the pleasing sound of the word narwhal just makes you want to feed it yummy fish.

This month we have some great additions to the Ubuntu Artists gallery, all done using a Free Desktop (usually Ubuntu) and Free Software tools like Inkscape, Gimp and MyPaint:

October in Ubuntu Artists

Time once again to feature my personal favorite images from the last month which have been submitted to the Ubuntu Made category in our Ubuntu Artists deviantArt community.

Mel Ancho Lic by LucasHappy
Lost by OhNoAndrej
In My Heart a Place by Naini
Der General Bauinspektor by Belazikkal
Enrique by Peileppe
Dignity by Jorge Rodrigues
Daxter by OgreInside
Doodle 264 by Parady

Contributors to deviantArt: Problems Fixed

If any of you were having problems joining the new deviantArt group, I should have fixed the issues now. What I’ve done is made sure that everyone who joins is automatically approved as a Contributor. So you should be able to post art, favourites and blog entries to the group without asking or voting.

Lets try and attract typical and atypical people to join, anyone who is involved in art or design and uses or is interested in Ubuntu. I’d also like some volunteers who could go through searches for Ubuntu and start adding historical works to the favourites and galleries. I’d like the favourites to contain works made using Ubuntu, and the galleries to contain things that were made for Ubuntu (wallpapers, ui mockups, tans, fan art etc).

Go here to join: