Kinnect your Face

I’ve been fascinated with technologies that allow us to interact with the computer better, everything from facial identification (who is near the computer) to expression recognition for changing the operation of the computer to reflect the user’s mood.

I discovered this organisation who are playing with Microsoft Kinect and OpenCV. OpenCV is the free and open source graphics processing library and already does some pretty amazing things (you just need a super computer to run it quickly enough for some tasks).

Using the Microsoft Kinnect device might be a smart move as getting the hight maps directly from the hardware allows the computer to cut down on the amount of calculations to figure out where faces are, how they move, and even recognition features.

What I really want of course is a GDM login screen which detects your face and asks for your password automatically (it’s used as a replacement for your username, not your password i.e. identification not authentication). This would be the pinnacle in community center login control.

What do you think?