New Business Card

I got a request from ubuntu member Chris Johnston about a new look business card using the new style/branding and to give you all an example of what what would look like I give you this quickly put together design (it’s not that good I admit):

You can download the source svg from deviantArt and don’t forget to install the LMMathSymbols10 font in the texlive package for the name text.

Update: Chris and Ben have both done modified versions of the design which you might be interested in looking at.

New Ubuntu Branding

There was an announcement today about the Ubuntu theme and branding change. I’m letting the theme digest for a day or two before I blog about it in any detail. Instead this post is going to talk about the logo branding:

I really like this new logo and apart from the logo inconsistency inherent in some of the draft uses of the new logo; the logo is sharp, professional and well designed in my opinion.

There was a concern amongst some Ubuntu community members that dropping the brown and orange, earthy crunchy, brand indicates a departure from a Home Desktop, human focused distribution and a re-badge to make the Ubuntu brand more acceptable to various new partners. I think that the orangey colours were very nice and I liked that we could tell an Ubuntu machine from across the room.

Although “precision, reliability, collaboration and freedom”, guys, that’s not a meaningful mantra. It’s not as catchy as “Free as in Speech” or “Of course! don’t you know anything about SCIENCE!”

What are your thoughts on the new brand?