Inkscape: Book Cover

Sometimes I do some graphics work as a side job. This book cover has taken a while to do (fifteen revisions), but I’ve very pleased with it. Made in Inkscape using Ubuntu 10.10.

Doing this piece I found there are a couple of pieces missing from Inkscape for doing production work, perhaps this is why so many people use Scribus-ng. The normal workflow from what I have seen is to make artwork in Inkscape and then transition to Scribus for the nitty gritty of doing production.

I also did the structural editing of the book contents. That is using LibreOffice to haddle all the titles, paragraphs and types as class styles instead of ad-hock ms-word inline styles. Also dealing with the pagination and a bunch of other production issues. LibreOffice was an ok tool, but a lot of the interfaces are confusing and could do with some more design being brought in on them.

Your thoughts?

Ubuntu Manual Project

The Ubuntu Manual project is a highly focused plan to write a guide for new users to Ubuntu 9.10 and to provide this guide under a copyleft license (CC-BY-SA). Started by Benjamin Humphrey, the manual project became open to community collaboration after the Lucid UDS had finished.

So far the project has amassed an entire ten chapters of content, translations in 20 languages and has over a hundred contributors, this is a team of people who are powering through content creation at an impressive speed. Both graphically and writing competency are not being compromised for this speed either, take a look at their development release:

Ubuntu Manual 0.1

The group is still looking for people who are interested in writing material for new users, it’s also looking to get the manual shipped in time for the Lucid release and possibly included on the CD. Quite an ambitious goal, but from the looks of it they’ll at least get the first goal if not the second.

My hope as a member of the Ubuntu Learning board is that the content created in the manual will be transferable to the classes we’re creating. Collaboration is all possible thanks to Creative Commons licenses and I have to say, I am impressed by this project (as you can tell from this blog entry), I hope the plan is a sucess and we have a really good manual to give to new Ubuntu users for this LTS cycle.