New Netboot Splash

I decided to update my netboot image, make it a lot more awesome looking when it comes on. So I decided to use an existing awesome background (no credit found) and add the required parts.

First this is the default netboot splash for 12.10, it hasn’t changed in a long time:

Next, this was the original netboot image I made three years ago:

Finally, this is my updated image:


2 thoughts on “New Netboot Splash

  1. hi doctormo! … sorry to post this comment here, since I don’t know how to post into the original post (and I don’t know how to email you too). About the hanvon one, I couldn’t make the driver works. After looking at the original driver page, seems that I have the unsupported device. My wife’s tablet is the one with GraphicPal series, and it’s not in their list of supported driver T_T

    … seems that I have to wait again 🙂 …

    Ah, is there any chance that I could send you this device so you could try it? I know that I should convince my wife first before send it to you, but since the device is unusable now (we both use ubuntu now), I think she would agree ^^ (humm, I could trust you with the device, right?)

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