What New for Artists in 12.10?

This blog post is posted to deviantArt, reposted here.

The new release of Ubuntu is out, this is a non-long term support version. If you’re using the previous version 12.04 and you’re not too bothered about any of the functionality listed below. Then you should stick to 12.04 since it’s supported for 5 years. Otherwise, get to your upgrade manager and get your Ubuntu upgraded!

Now what interesting things are in this Ubuntu version which is interesting to artists?

Gimp 2.8 is now in the archives by default, so no extra steps required to get all the extra options and single window mode. Just install from the software center as normal.

There’s a new version of the Wacom driver for graphics tablets with 8 new tablets supported. If you have one of these tablets you SHOULD upgrade:

  • Cintiq 22HD Tablet
  • Bamboo Wireless Kit ACK-40401
  • Intuos5 S/M
  • Intuos5 touch L/M/S

There is better online integration for accounts with a new online accounts configuration panel. My plan is to build a plugin for deviantArt’s sta.sh so you can submit art from nautilus, shotwell, gimp and inkscape but have the account managed for you by the operating system.

A minor new version of Krita from 2.4 to 2.5, same versions of inkscape (0.48.3) and MyPaint (1.0.1) as before.