Imagine My Face

I’ve been using this fresh Ubuntu 12.04 since it’s release in April and apparently… I’ve not noticed I’ve been using the nouveau driver this entire time. I’m in euphoric shock! how did it get this good this fast?

I’ve been playing GAMES forsooth! All those Humble Indie Bundle games like SPAZ, Spirits, Cogs of War and Bastion (even some wine games). I’d never have expected it to run this well, or for games to run quite so smoothly that I would never have bothered to check. A major win for both the nouveau kernel developers and the Ubuntu x-team for making it all work so well.

So why did I check? Well the one thing not behaving is flash. Youtube videos have been jumpy and jitterly and I never could understand why. I was just sending them to my TV via the firefox youtube XBMC plugin (which rocks harder than enya, oh yeah!) and decided that I must find out what’s going on.

Have any features in Ubuntu ever shocked you?

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