8 thoughts on “Hard Drive vs Memory

  1. My first read of the RAM part made me wonder why you would pull things out of the cupboard to the workspace if you have to work slower.

    I think what you need to add is “A large work space ( more RAM ) is better because you have all your materials handy.” Then the sentence about what having a smaller workspace means.

  2. Except more realistically your workspace is more like registers, which are a constant size, your cupboard is cpu cache, and is not that far, ram is the basement, gets a bit more time to get stuff from there, and hard drive is like 100km away, and you got grab stuff by foot, not driving, so you definitly don’t want to go there otfen, specially for small stuff. 🙂

  3. @Mikkel – The first question I always ask is “what question am I trying to answer” and this leads me to a useful teaching tool which Pratchett calls “lies to children”, simplified and contextualised answers which create inaccurate knowledge that is usable and a good starting point on the road to full comprehension.

    Besides, I’d have the chopping board be the CPU cache and the human be the processor. 😉

    Asking a waitress as the local Ashmont Grill received very positive response and A surprise from her at the sudden comprehension of a technical fact.

  4. isn’t ram far more speed than Hd,
    we can use computer without hd, for sure load a linux live cd into the ram and work with it 🙂

  5. I’ve heard even tech-savvy users refer to the hard disk as “memory”, which is frustrating.

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