Common Knowlege

I believe in educating people. About Free and Open Source, about Ubuntu and about social, legal and technical issues. I understand that some people do not share my view.

There are a few reasons. One is that it’s pointless, or it’s too hard, or it’s just a matter of complexity. I want to talk about this last issue around the complexity of our ideas in our community.

I don’t think it’s required to get every single person fully understanding Free Software social justice issues and supporting those views. I don’t think it’s even a matter of getting a single other person to move completely over to new ideas in whole.

I believe in common knowledge; our ideas will spread out slowly being reformed into concepts and ideas that fit into people’s existing world views. Each time you interact with an individual and don’t shy away from sharing your views and passion for the importance of these issues, you move forward the commonly held understanding on the issues.

when you see Free Software being understood by the common person, that’s when you know the Free Software activism has been successful. I don’t believe Free Software can be truly successful and robust without common people’s basic understanding. Otherwise it shall always be abused and re-purposed into proprietary platforms and appliance like products.

One thought on “Common Knowlege

  1. sounds like that idea about obscurity being worse than piracy. Until people know about your work, they will not pay for it. Once they know about it, they can decide whether its useful and then pay for it.

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