Ubuntu TV a Case Study

Hello Community, I’ve put together a video to show my existing Ubuntu TV; the one I’ve been using with XBMC for the past year or more.

See Video Here

If you’re using a similar setup, I’d love to know how you manage your content library and do remote access. If you’re interested in my fall-over easy python modules for accessing the XBMC library database you can find the code on launchpad and the librarian code too.

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu TV a Case Study

  1. I was actually using XBMC under Ubuntu with my HTPC as well up until recently when I was trying to figure out how to queue videos into some sort of playlist. I didn’t have anything special in terms of managing my content since it was stored locally on this HTPC.

    I ended up just switching to using a regular video player (VLC) due to the ease of using a playlist to play a specific group of videos.

  2. bozz – I had this idea of having community playlists, some service which allowed anyone to participate in the arrangement and scheduling of television. The primary thinking here is that while I find content great to have when ever I want, it lacks a discoverable element as well as being terrible for kids who can’t have a structured tv schedual without a lot of duplicated work.

    In sort I’ve found xbmc to lack some functionality.

  3. Hmm… I believe some of the additional capabilities with regards to sharing might be present in the two of the forks of XBMC in Plex and Boxee. Plex I think might be Windows/Mac-only whereas Boxee recently announced they are dropping support for PC OSes.

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