Shared Bookmarks, do they exist?

I’m after a system where by users of my community computer labs can enjoy a new entry in their bookmark bar of items which are of particular interest and use.

Our system we use requires each user to have their own username and password and thus their own firefox profile, so we can’t do what the windows 7 labs would do which is just to add the bookmarks to the Internet Explorer session as the ‘User’ user.

So I had a look at social bookmarking services like delicious, but none of them provide a way to specify bookmarks or tags (which work) in a way that allows bookmarks to be populated.

I also looked for some scripts that perhaps might be able to open the firefox profile bookmarks html and edit it and sync one particular part of it up with a master file. But I haven’t been able to find such a thing.

So I turn to you dear reader; do you know of anything like this? Please comment below.

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7 Responses to “Shared Bookmarks, do they exist?”

  1. Ian Nicholson says:

    Have you considered mozilla sync? I’m not exactly sure what you require, but I think that sync is what you’re looking for, and you can host your own server is security is an issue.

  2. Rick Harding says:

    I’ve been working on an open source bookmark app as an alternative to delicious called Bookie.

    It provides an API and you can host your own instance, setup the bookmarks, and everything is public.

    It’s a web service vs built into the browser, but maybe helps. Feel free to ping me in irc or such if you’re interested. My nick is rick_h

  3. Daeng Bo says:

    Why not add entries to the home page you’ve set when the browser opens?

  4. Rick Harding wrote a delicious clone called Bookie ( This might be able to do what you want, or at the very least, it’s OSS, so yo can customize it to what you want. It’s written in Python / Pyramid, and supports SQLite / PostgreSQL (and possibly MySQL, but I don’t rememver offhand).

    Hope this helps!

  5. doctormo says:

    Ian, mozilla sync is a little too aggressive, as the assumption in the design is that each profile is the same user.

    Rick & Craig – Thanks for the pro-tip, I’ll look into your code and see if it fits. There might be something in having a default home page with that kind of thing on, but you say it doesn’t integrate at all, which means people won’t really know where to go unless we set all that up outside.

  6. Jussi says:

    Why not do it the easy way – create an RSS with the urls and use a live bookmark?

  7. Ramez says:


    I’m currently working on a bookmarks system for my own use. It’s quite advanced, and provide lots of extra features the others dont.

    Having it connect to other databases / apps if an api is feasable / files for sync is one of the functionnalities.

    It’s multiuser, and i have groups sharing in mind.

    Now the question is, would you pay for a service like this ? (i’m wondering if a keep it for me or if i invest a bit more time on it to make it an app)

    mail me if interested.