Concept Advert: Organic Software

Playing with concepts, words and tag lines with the keen Charlene from the Vancouver LoCo team. We’ve come up with this advert targeted specifically for Farmer’s Markets.

The brief asked to use some of the tag lines and terms which have been successful in the past as well as attempting to invoke questions in the reader so they are prompted to ask and become more interested in exactly what all this free and open source stuff is.

We reused some graphics as well to give it a nice family feel. I wanted to match the similar styles found in earthy crunchy markets.

If this is successful as a target, then I could try using these at other earthy crunchy shops. You know the kind, with herbs, buckets of flour and great cheese.

Update: Updated evil computer to be more friendly, rounded and smiling and link to svg added. Licensed as Creative Commons, Attribution, Share Alike.

Thoughts or ideas? Comment below.

9 thoughts on “Concept Advert: Organic Software

  1. Very funny, I really like it! One comment: the computer screen at the top looks kinda “evil” compared to the smiling people. I think you need a “smiling computer” as well. Cheers, and good luck with the project!

  2. First thing, I CAN SEE YOUR BLOG AGAIN.

    Second thing, it looks great! Good work doctormo ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. /Me likes a lot. I imagine this on Jam jars that contain a USB key with free software on it ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree the screen is a bit out of place – but a smiling PC is so 80s! Not sure how to present that.

    Thanks for sharing, would you publish the source ? I’d play with this and perhaps throw a couple of rounds of ideas around it.

  4. I am not fond of the idea. This is some kind of dilution of the whole ‘organic’ concept. This is like when people have started to use “free” for almost related topic ( such as free culture and creative common ), or “hacker” when they were speaking of some kind of specific wrongdoers.

  5. Nice looking and funny.

    I just suggest you to wash out the lower “sign” (‘More info…’). It seems that you forgot to delete the shadow of a previous text (“Free Software”), because it makes it look “dirty”.

    Best regards,


  6. I like Fabian’s idea about the jam jar with the usb drive, using the ad for a sticker. That’s something one can put one’s hands on. Remember that a lot of farmers and gardeners are hands-on personality types, and may need something physical (in their hands) with which to get started.

    Nice work,

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