Design: New GFDL Logo

It’s been a while in the pipes, but one of the jobs the Free Software Foundation (FSF) wanted me to do was to design for them a nice logo for their Gnu Free Document License (GFDL).

This License is a very special sort of document license that allows for the majority of the text to be covered by a free culture license (modify, share, etc). But the difference and the reason it’s not a true free culture license is that you must always include a section of text specified by the author which you can not modify.

This text in the case of the Emacs Manual is the introduction and copyright info. Each work is different as to what you can’t modify and if in any doubt, use the Creative Commons share alike license which is a free culture license.

So the design brief was simple, they needed a simple logo which could fit in small formats similar to the creative commons logos. For them I created four drafts to work from, they then selected one to work from:

We didn’t work through many iterations to get to the end result, certainly not as many as the average client. But one of the concepts was chosen to be the new logo.

Job done, thoughts?