Inkscape Stable PPAs

Have you ever wanted a stable release of your favourite application in Ubuntu but find that there are only ever nightly build ppas? I found that last year when inkscape 0.47 was released and Ubuntu 10.04 would never really have the ability to download and install it without using the sources.

So I asked on the Inkscape mailing list for a stable PPA. Now thanks to Alex Valavanis and Cafuego for putting in the hard work, there is now a stable PPA for new inkscape releases:

One is for the current stable/supported release of Inkscape (not populated yet).

The other is a nightly/trunk PPA for our testers and those who just want the newest features right away.

Thanks to everyone for sorting this out, this means a lot to the ease of use of Ubuntu with applications that support Ubuntu with their new releases. Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Inkscape Stable PPAs

  1. @foo – No, because the last thing you want is a backported xorg or gedir package mucking up your system when all you wanted was a new inkscape and firefox.

    Backports is for testers.

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