Time to Use direct nfs uids

I’ve been trying to run an nfs server for home mounts using the rpc username syncing functionality built in. But this system doesn”t work very well in the system I have, new users are created on the fly and folder access gets messed up all the damn time.

Basically the filesystem ownership gets messed up. I have tried searching for all sorts of help, but I can’t find anything about this issue since I can only assume I’m using nfs in a special way not intended.

So since my server usernames and uids match up to the client usernames and uids, I should be able to switch off the rpc and use direct uids and get away with that.

Thoughts? Advice?

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  1. Hi,

    I have a NFS server at home that exports its /home to another machine and never had a problem (same as you here, both machines have the same usernames and uid).

    I am using NFS4 and idmadp control the translation of the uids. I basically followed the guidelines from:


    I am using 11.04 in both machines and previously was using 10.10 and didn’t see any problem.

  2. Paulo – Are you creating users on the fly, where the server makes a home folder and the clients then attach?

  3. Hi,

    Have you considered using LDAP for your setup? Your problem seems to originate from the fact that each of the clients can make a user (locally) and then create a home dir on the NFS server. With many clients connected it’s a matter of waiting until two clients hand out the same uid, right?

    Having a central location for your uid/gid data (the LDAP server) would resolve this. Setting up an LDAP server is not too difficult (I’ve done it a few times so far, in cases with 2 users, but also with 70+ users). I could send you my notes if you like.

  4. @Lennart – I have actually thought about LDAP, but I’ve tried now 17 separate attempts to get OpenLDAP to work in the past. So I basically gave up on it and invented a hack for a system. The clients don’t make new users, the server does, it then tells the clients what users are available by updating their passwd files in a sync and running create user for event purposes. The clients on registration tell the server that a new user registered and the server decides what to do about it.

    If anyone can make OpenLDAP actually not be a horrible chore to set up, then I’d be happy to replace the system I have now.

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