Ubuntu Community Center Guided Tour

I’ve been really wanting to show all you lovely internet based friends the exciting and totally awesome Ubuntu based community center I’m setting up. So I created a video where I show off the login/registration greeter and the rest of the physical space.

Check out the video, it’s only about 4 minutes long: To play this video see the source mpeg or go here for flash player.

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6 thoughts on “Ubuntu Community Center Guided Tour

  1. I liked the login greeting functionality, the consumer data recording and the general layout of the place. Any info of the customizations would be great for other centers.

  2. I have a list as long as someone’s arm, please email me for details until I can format it all into a more useful guide blog entry.

  3. That is really cool Mo. What kind of actions are taking place there Mo.

  4. @Mark – I’ve tried to communicate with Helios, he’s not interested in talking. Either that or we got wires crossed. Could you poke him to look at the video for me?

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