Last Minute Problem: Limiting Users

So I have all these client computers doing the right thing, I have a long, long list of tweaks needed to turn Ubuntu into a community center operating system. Right now I have a few limitations that I would like to put on users:

  • Number of pages able to print per user per printer
  • Disk quota, 500MB
  • Timed Sessions (1 hour) per user group.

So far I know cups should allow page limitations, but I can’t find it. Disk quotas lack good documentation on how to set them up and timeoutd was the suggestion but it doesn’t appear to work with my testing. Also anything that notifies via notify-osd would be good.

Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Last Minute Problem: Limiting Users

  1. sadly, i don’t know. and without the computers and a printer, or the demand for a deliverable, i can’t really find out, either.

  2. For hour seesions, auto-start a script which counts ten minute increments, sends a DBus message notifying time left, and once an hour is up, kills gnome-session. That’s probably the easiest.

  3. Setting up quota is not very complicated, luckiiy. The quota mini-howto at shows what needs to be done, but on Ubuntu most of the steps have been implemented already (you can skip all steps before section 4.5 in the mini-howto). Off the top of my head this needs to be done:
    0) instaal the quota and quotatool packages
    1) Add usrquota and grpquota options to the file sytem line(s) in /etc/fstab for the file system(s) that you want to set quota on (in your case I’d say /home is the only filesystem that needs to have quota. Unless you don’t have /home on a separate partition of course, then you’ll need to change the entry for /).
    2) remount the file system(s) that need quota support
    3) initialise the quota, run /sbin/quotacheck (you might need to run quotaon first, I’m not sure).
    4) (section 5 in the howto) set quota for your users.
    5) if you want your users to get a warning e-mail when they exceed their quota edit /etc/warnquota.conf and check if /etc/default/quota shows that warnquota is to be run.

    Feel free to contact me if things don’t work out.

    Good luck!

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