LGM – Day 2

Christopher Adams and an Open Font Stack

Chris talked about the availability of free fonts. They announced the rebirth of the Open Font Library who’s goal is to collect together a collection of useful fonts. Some of the most interesting elements to the new font library website is the ability to type directly in the website to text the font. This is a much welcomed improvement over the traditional font website which tends to render a default set of letters as a picture.

The Font page also shows all of the interesting information, everything from it’s free license to which languages it supports and how up to date it is. Included in most uploads are the source files which can be edited and uploaded. An exciting project and I hope we can somehow tie the desktop into this kind of website to allow installation of these fonts easy.

Inkscape Meeting

Jon Cruz explained the project he’s working on to bind together different open source graphics tools with a sort of project management tool. This he says is similar to Adobe Bridge. Other interesting topics were the redesign of the gradient tool, problems with the font list and a bug fix for grow/shink by paint bucket.

Free Network Services

MediaGlobin announced! This talk is all about federated network services. Everything from StatusNet and Gnu FM. Checkout the video to this massive hour and a half talk as there were some great questions and pieces discussed.

2 thoughts on “LGM – Day 2

  1. Can you report any more detail about the gradient tool discussions? As you know, we make heavy use of gradients in our webcomic, and the biggest issue we have is one of management.

    While the UI for defining gradients could use some love, it is at least functional. But what is completely missing is a tool to remap uses of one gradient to another, a means to sort gradients by their HSV colour components (to easily spot duplicates), and the ability to name gradients (#linearGradient12345-1-1-2 doesn’t really help when what you want is “Alien_Body”). When you’ve got a lot of gradients (and some of our comics have hundreds), the lack of management tools can be a real problem.

    I just hope the new UI will provide more of these sorts of tools, in addition to the basic task of defining the gradient stops. Or at least it should provide good hooks for adding them later.

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