Free Culture Posters, Get Them Here

To celebrate the release of revision 16 of my Free Culture Tabloid sided poster, I’ve put together each section into it’s own US letter poster so that a multi-poster display can be created using all of the pieces.

Do you like the edits that have gone into each revision? Is the wording easy to understand and direct enough for public consumption? Please give me your thoughts in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Free Culture Posters, Get Them Here

  1. I don’t understand very well the idea behind last one : “benefits both the individual and the public”
    (but i’m not native English speaker)

  2. antistress – It means that the software helps you as an individual person and at the same time helps the general public good (society).

  3. although i understand the idea, i don’t like very much the formulation, which seems to oppose each other (since you write that FLOOS matches both).
    But again, i’m not native English speaker

  4. Just a quick nitpick here.

    “This free use, increases participation and allows…” The comma after ‘use’ is unnecessary here.

    Very cool stuff though.

  5. As always, great job. Though I chose this blog post to comment on I have been really enjoying all your blog posts for awhile now. Keep up the great artwork and thought provoking posts.

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